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WamBam Fence Reviews

Everyone wants the pretty picket fence, but putting one up is not only an expensive but also a time-consuming process. There are different types of fences like WamBam Fences, Vinyl Fences, and Zippity Outdoors. However, each type takes a different fashion and design. On top of that, good care and maintenance should be enhanced to ensure less damage.

Choosing the best choice is tricky and complicated. That’s why you should consider some of the features like the type of material, durability, semi-permanent, no-dig and style. All these factors will guide you towards making an informed decision. We have come up with a buyer guide that will educate you about the best Wambam fence.

Top 4 WamBam Fence Reviews

WamBam Traditional 4 by 7Ft-Vinyl Picket Fence

This fence is formidable. It is a traditional type of picket fence that takes a unique design. Noticeably, the fence features an omnidirectional post. Therefore, you can position the panels directly where you want. 

It comes with the following features:

  1. Timeless and classic style: This picket fence provides a timeless and classic style. If you want your neighbor to keep on asking the great protection that this fence offers, just try this vinyl picket fence. Indeed, the backyard fence will become an envy of your neighborhood.

  2. Designed to scale: If you want to complete your project, you’ll need to order the finishing post. A scalable feature is important because you can some sections if needed.

  3. Quality: Quality is the key. When you want your picket fence to last, the only solution is to give it the test of time. This fence from WamBam is made from the top, water-resistant vinyl. As a result, your fence will not warp, splinter, degrade or rot in the sun. This is 100 percent assurance.

  4. Easy to Install and Assemble: All 4-way posts look excellent. They allow easier and forgiving installation. As you assemble it, you don't have to struggle. Also, never worry about in-line, corner and end posts. You just need to insert the horizontal rails and use a head screw to straighten and fasten together. You’ll end up with a strong fence.

  5. Virtually free maintenance: The WemBam traditional fence requires less time when it comes to maintenance. However, wood needs to be replaced.


  • Little maintenance needed: You can spend much time with your family and dogs without thinking about replacing the fence. It is made of water-resistant vinyl.
  • Fence of high-quality: Made of top-grade materials and also designed well to withstand any push from the surrounding.
  • Stronger and great: This looking vinyl traditional fence has more UV inhibitors.
  • Easy to install and assemble: You only need a few tools like the screw so as to make the work easier. Tightening the fence is easy.


  • Costly when being replaced
  • Not affordable to everybody

WamBam Fence WF29001 Garden Metal Fence

WamBam Fence WF29001 is actually among the best performing fences that you’ll ever come across. It’s very sturdy and easy to install as compared to others. It comes from a reliable brand. In fact, that’s why this product is competitive. 

It has unique features that include:

1. Easy to install and assemble: Very gorgeous fence! You don’t need to panic when it comes to installation. The model is easy to assemble. You only need to insert the stakes carefully into the ground. Most importantly, you can do it on your own. Uninstalling it is also easy.

2. Fully scalable: This means that it will be a simple task to add more sections if desired. Most people do like to add after it performs for sometimes. The fence will also be strong even after addition and be able to withstand wind comfortably.

  3. 3-year money guarantee: You don't have to worry about the product. If it rusts quickly or has some issues you can return the product back to the manufacturer. You’ll get the back or the manufacturer may decide to replace it.

  4. 6 stakes, 5 panels in a set: The product is packed with 5 panels, 6 staked in a set that makes it robust and sturdy. It's a perfect fence that will contain your three small dogs at your compound.


  • Has 3-year money guarantee: This means that if the product fails to satisfy you, you can return it back to the manufacturer and claim the money.
  • Sturdy: This is because the fence is made of quality materials.
  • Easy to assemble and install: Whether you’re assembling or installing, the fence design is unique to help you on this.
  • Durable and stable fence: It is made from strong materials making it to long-lasting model.


  • Needs maintenance and lot of care during the installation process.
  • Not that cheap. Not everybody can afford.

WamBam Traditional 4 by 7Ft Premium Yard

Here comes another amazing and well-designed fence. One thing to note about this traditional fence is easier installation. The model looks great, all you need is to follow instructions carefully.

Here come the features:

  1. Great looking barrier: If you want protection, just grab this product. The fence is very attractive. You can use it as permanent crowd control and prevent public access at your resort.

  2. Professional Grade Vinyl: This makes it a wonderful model at your home. Also, it offers good protection from your nuisance environment. It comes with strong UV inhibitors that make it last longer. In fact, the vinyl prevents all sorts of sagging. Just give this piece a ‘squeeze test'.

  3. Simple setting: Unlike other fences, setting this fence is less hectic. It is packed with 1 cap and 1 6ft post. Therefore, you’re required to read instructions and start setting it. All in all, this is a task to enjoy because neither effort nor force is needed.

  4. Premium weather-resistant fence: The fence offers a great look of superb and painted wood that required no staining or painting. Just little maintenance needed.


  • Great quality: The fence is made from top-notch quality material. This makes it last longer.
  • Durable: Because of weather-resistant material, the fence looks as new as day one.
  • Easy setting: You require little time to assemble and install this fence. 2 to 3ft deep holes are enough to get the job done.
  • Brilliant performance: The fence provides protection from outside things.


  • Sometimes installing is terrible especially you fail to read instructions carefully.

WamBam No-Dig BL19103 Sturbridge Vinyl Fence

This the best budget vinyl fence. As compared to other models, No-Dig BL19103 is less expensive. You can put up this picket fence easier than expected. If you want a pool fence, this brand could be your choice. 

Let’s understand its great features:

  1. Designed to scale: To complete your pool fence or yard fence project, you’ll need to get a finishing post (item BL19103). However, you’ll have an easier task if you follow the instructions carefully. This project-friendly product is what you need in your campground.

  2. Installation and assembly required: Just like other fences, tools are needed to ensure easier installation. Remember that this vinyl fencing system requires a cordless drill, a sledgehammer, level or post pounder. All these tools are available at hardware stores.

  3. Saves labor and time: This is a no-dig fence. Therefore, forget about digging holes and pouring concrete using a patented system. The fence system is permanent and sturdy hence you can't remove it easily once installed. This shows how great it is when acquired.

  4. Premium & standard weather-resistant white fence: Did you know that you can use this white fence as a yard or pool fence? Of course, yes. The brand is designed to have a great look. Remember that neither painting nor stained is required.


  • No digging holes: No concrete, no digging no mess. The fence is just installed much like highway signs and chain link fence.
  • Limited lifetime warranty: This limited lifetime warranty covers the fence against splitting, cracking and yellowing.
  • Has UV inhibitors: This is the reason why the product performs well over a lifetime.
    Saves time and labor. This is achieved through no-digging properties.
  • Brilliant performance: The fence provides protection from outside things.


  • Uninstalling is difficult. It is not easy to uninstall this fence once installed.

Why WamBam Fence is the Best?

WamBam Company specializes exclusively in designing strong and quick fencing products. WamBam fence is durable, well-made and stable than other fences in the market. It's a great product. The material used to make this fence is strong than any post I have seen. In fact, the process of putting the post is easy such that you can even do it alone. Wow! I love this fencing.

Final Verdict

In the end, you must choose the type that will satisfy all your needs. Remember to check the main features before making your final buying decision. WamBam Traditional 4 by 7Ft-Vinyl Picket Fence is the best garden fence on our list. It features a timeless and classic style that gives it an eye-catching look. Also, it is easy to assemble and install plus designed to scale. Besides this, the model is strong and stable. If you want a great option, consider this architecturally designed option.

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