Echo CS-490 Chainsaw Review

Echo CS-490 Chainsaw is designed to tackle the hardest tasks. Whether you are cutting firewood, felling a whole tree or pruning limbs, all CS-490 chainsaws are made to offer prolonged, problem-free life. All users want a chainsaw that runs smooth, starts quickly, and provides more years of reliable performance. Echo’s higher quality chainsaw starts with a 50.2 cc engine, high performance, lightweight, two-stroke engine, as well as a Pro-Fire ignition system that ascertains smooth operation and fast start.

Why Echo CS-490 Is The Best From Others?


  • Incredible lightweight
  • Starting the chainsaw is fast and easy
  • It is comfy to use
  • String enough to cut through harder woods
  • It comes with a five-year customer warranty
  • Replacing the filter is quick and easy
  • It is dependable
  • Produces minimal vibration

Key Features of Echo CS 490 Review



Some chainsaws are heavy, making them very tiresome to use. If you need a lightweight chainsaw that is easy to use, you need to purchase the Echo CS 490 chainsaw. It is indeed one of the lightest chainsaws in the market. It weighs approximately 18.7 pounds. You will have an easy time lugging it around or using it to fell those stubborn woods. Irrespective of its lightweight design, the chainsaw is still rugged and robust.


Quick and Easy Starting

When it comes down to this feature, we can say that starting a chainsaw is regularly going to be incredibly daunting. With some of these tools, users are needed to pull the cord with a considerable amount of force. For the unlucky folks, they might not be able to start the machine.

If you want the process of starting a chainsaw to be effortless and quick, you will need to purchase the Echo-CS Professional Grade Chainsaw. Its ignition system is made to lower the amount of effort required to start it. You only need to prime the chainsaw and pull the cord with minimal effort. It starts straightaway.


Incredible Power

Everyone needs a machine that has excellent power, and this is no exception when it comes to buying a chainsaw. You need a powerful chainsaw to cut through any type of wood. It is advisable to buy a powerful device that is able to get the job done correctly and smoothly.

Incredible power is another feature linked with the Echo-CS 490. This tool comes with a powerful motor, thus allowing you to cut through the trees easily and quickly. You should not worry about the blade getting stuck as it produces sufficient power to cut through the trees.


Minimal Vibration

Another thing to note is that most chainsaws vibrate a lot. The vibration puts a lot of pressure on your arms as well as your body in general. You will save yourself a lot of hassles if you are able to lower the vibration. Minimal vibration is one of the primary reasons you should purchase this machine.

The chainsaw is fitted with a unique vibration reduction system. It means that users can use the device without putting too much pressure on their bodies. Using this device is comfy from the start to the end.


Easy Access Air Filter

You need to replace the air filter from time to time. This process might seem much more challenging than you might think. If you want a straightforward process of accessing and replacing an air filter, you need to buy the Echo CS 490. The easy access to the air filter makes it convenient for you when it comes to cleaning or replacing the air filter.


Does the chainsaw come with a carrying case?

What size is the bar?

Final Verdict

Generally, Echo CS 490 chainsaw is worth every penny. There are countless aspects to like about this machine. The chainsaw is dependable, and the company is excellent. If you want to purchase a chainsaw in the future, you will certainly need to consider this tool due to its comfortable use, lightweight, and unparalleled power. Its unique performance guarantees prolonged usage.

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