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If you spend a lot of time working on your garden, you don’t want someone coming along and crushing your flowerbeds. It’s not like people do it just to mess with you. Accidents happen. Kids on bikes deviate into the garden or dogs get off the leads. And if you grow fruits or vegetables, you should be worried about animals sneaking in to steal a snack. So fencing your garden is a must.

A good looking fence increases the beauty of your garden while an ugly fence can spoil the beauty, therefore it is very necessary to carefully select your fence. And I think that is exactly why you are here. We gladly present you the best garden fences available on the market. Keep reading…

#1. Amagabeli Decorative Garden Fence 32in x 10ft

This beautiful garden fence will definitely put a positive impact on your garden. It is best for fencing your flower beds restricting access of your kids and dogs. This one keeps your flower beds from unwanted visitor and also enriches the beauty of your garden. This metal decorative flower bed fencing panels for front yard is made of black Iron with vinyl PVC powder coated surface will enable you to use the garden fence outdoors durably; the decorative black iron garden fencing animal barrier is made of rustproof and weather resistant metal material. 

This fence is sturdy and easy to assemble.The fence panels are solidly constructed of thicker than expected steel rod. They are substantial for their intended use. The quality is superb and the durability is superior. What I like most about Amagabeli garden fences is that they come with 90 days replacement warranty, So does this one. The setup process of this fence is quite easy and flexible.


  • Rich texture and Stylish outlook
  • Made with high-end materials
  • Very sturdy and supportive
  • 90-days warranty for parts replacement


  • Little heavier than other decorative fences
  • Some may find the price a bit high

#2. Amagabeli Decorative Garden Fence 32 in x 20 ft

This is another 32 in x 20 ft Rustproof fence manufactured by Amagabeli. This metal fence panels for front yard is made of green Iron with vinyl PVC powder coated surface will enable you to use the garden fence outdoors durably; the decorative green iron garden flower bed fencing is made of rustproof and weather resistant metal material. This fence is ideal for side panels and circle flowerbeds. The fence is a classic one. It is simple yet elegant.

The texture is quite unique and also strong enough to withhold unwanted visitors. Amagabeli decorative garden fences come with a easy to setup feature and a 90 days replacement warranty so if any unfortunate incident occurs you can get the parts replaced easily. The most important feature of this fence is that it is discreet to the eye. So if you are thinking of fencing your walkways or flower beds but does not want to highlight fence but only your garden’s natural beauty this one is for you.


  • Classic ornamental design
  • Robust and well-built
  • Durable and easy to use
  • 90-days replacement warranty 


  • Price is a bit high
  • Some may say that the material is bendy

#3. WamBam Garden Fence, 147.5" x 25"

This WamBam Garden Fence is designed for those that want to quickly enclose an area. This easy to install a black metal fence is installed by driving the stakes into the ground using a rubber mallet. No need for concrete posts, support wires, or any other form of support. It is perfect for gardens and small pets in a residential application.

It is visually unimposing so most of your gardens beauty is visible through the fence. The best part of the fence is its scalability. You can add more sections if you want. It is also adjustable that way. This fence is quite sturdy and durable. The manufacturer is offering a 3-years replacement warranty for the fence on rust.


  • Easy to assemble
  • 3-years replacement warranty for the fence on rust
  • Fully scalable to add more section
  • Ideal for small dog owners


  • The height of the fence fells short in support of big dogs

#4. Amagabeli Decorative Garden Fence 24in x 10ft

This garden fencing is unobtrusive enough so that you can see more of your garden and heavy and sturdy enough to keep the dog out. The arched iron arts make this ornamental steel garden border fence itself a decorative element for your garden and add more delights to your life, accent border with classic rod iron design to fit any decor; a stylish look of this flower garden border fencing will add a modern touch to your garden, patio or yard.

The vinyl rustproof coated garden wire fence is welded with thick wires and it is an architectural structure that is durable and sturdy. Aside from its quality material and privacy ensured, the fence is beautiful is look at. It will surely elevate the beauty of your yard. This also comes with a 90-days warranty on damaged parts replacement.


  • Beautiful texture and classic rod iron design
  • Fits in almost any decor
  • Made of quality material
  • 90-days warranty for parts replacement


  • Little difficult to assemble
  • Has a tendency to be rusty than other amagabeli products

#5. Amagabeli Decorative Garden Fence 44in x 6ft

You can feel it is well made just by looking at it! Black fine powder coated finish make it rustproof. Forged with high grade wrought iron with those leaves decoration on the top part of the fence makes it sturdy and attractive and will nicely compliment your patio, garden, yard or deck. It is easy to install with step by step instructions. Each piece of panels can be easily attached by the interlock. Pick a place, hammer the spike into the ground and put the fence's peg on it and all done perfectly.

The major advantage of this fencing gate is its longevity. It is built with rustproof metal supporting your garden in all weather. You don't have to spend money on the extra coating on it or change your fence time by time. It will protect your garden for a long time. Based on the durability, the company is offering a 90-days warranty as well for parts replacement.


  • Less acceptable to rust
  • it can be modified into fence door or pet pen
  • beautiful well-made substantial fence
  • 90-days warranty for parts replacement


  • A bit difficult to assemble fences
  • Quite expensive

Garden Fence Buying Guide

Choosing the right fence for your garden can be quite challenging for you. It is for everyone with a soft spot for their garden I guess. Before picking the right fence one must keep in my mind some criteria and based on those criteria one can easily select their desired fence. The criteria are:



One of the most popular reasons people have garden fences is for privacy. Our homes are often flanked by other properties and without a fence, you probably wouldn’t feel comfortable enjoying your back garden in summer. Even when a road runs along the side or back of the property, your privacy can still be encroached upon by prying eyes, pedestrians, and the neighborhood kids. Many homeowners think of their outdoor space as an extension of their indoor space. They want to achieve a high level of privacy in their yard or pool so that they can relax and feel free to be themselves. If you’re worried about neighbors eavesdropping or spying on you, a privacy fence might be the perfect solution.



If you own pets or have little kids in your house. You just don't want them to get hurt by accidentally going out of their playing zone. You also don’t want them to reorganize your flower beds. That is why a fence is a must. There are a few options open to you depending on how your property lies. With steel palisade fencing, you get a real deterrent and robust protection but compromise on looks – this option might possibly be better for properties bordered by a school or business to stop people trespassing. Fence paneling can also provide security and is ideal for homes surrounded only by other homes as they do the simple job of creating a secure barrier.



The utmost concern should be the location where your fence is going to be planted. You need to measure the height of the fence in order to set it. If it is on the walkways you might need high fences and if it is in your gardens flowerbeds, then you might wanna consider the short ones. Front yards may not necessarily require a tall fence if you live in a quiet neighborhood and love to use curtains for privacy. In this circumstance, a short fence may even make your property more welcoming to guests. Back yards are typically enclosed with taller panels though, giving you the right levels of privacy when you want to lounge in the garden or throw a barbecue party with your friends.



The final criterion is the purpose. You should be very clear about the purpose of installing a fence around your garden. Is it to extend the beauty of your garden? or is it for the security of your garden, perhaps for the privacy from neighbours. You should have a clear concept of your purpose. The defined purpose will help you to determine the right size and right type of offense.

And that will be all. The products mentioned above are the finest available on the market right now. If you are still unable to make up your mind, choose any one of them. Just read through the descriptions and check whether this fence meets your need. I’ve studied the reviews put by the users and also compared them to other products and found the best garden fences just for you.

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