Best Chainsaw for Milling – Best Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Chainsaw for Milling

Sometime back, chainsaws used to be products designed for loggers and farmers. Currently, these are tools that homeowners use for various tasks including felling trees, trimming, cutting firewood, among others.

The biggest challenge that homeowners and beginners face once they have decided to buy a chainsaw is picking the right one from the different models available.

So, if you have been asking "which is the best model of chainsaw?" or "What are the features to look for when buying a chainsaw?" we have you covered. Read on and consider purchasing any of the best milling chainsaws below for the best user experience.

What Kind of Chain Saw Do I Need?

Before deciding to buy a chainsaw, you must determine the right kind to buy depending on your needs. So, should you purchase a gas chainsaw or an electric chainsaw?

If you want to handle demanding jobs (that is jobs that need a lot of power), then I recommend that you get a gas chainsaw since this model combines strength and mobility.

On the other hand, if your saw is for simple tasks such as trimming, light cutting, pruning, or other jobs that need less power, then opt for an electric chainsaw.

Top 5 Reviews of Best Milling Chainsaws

Husqvarna 460 Chainsaw

The answer to a powerful all-around saw suitable for jobs that require more power is the Husqvarna 460 Rancher chainsaw. The saw comes in a kit that includes a 24" bar/chain and extra WoodlandPRO Chain Loops. Because of this, you can rest assured to get it ready for cutting projects within a short time, and better yet, forget about the costs involved with getting a new chain to replace the worn out one.

Here are its features:

  1. Powerful engine: The Husqvarna 460 Rancher features a 60.3 cc, 3.7 HP engine. The engine adopts an X-Torq technology. This technology helps to separate clean air from the fuel and air mixture. In turn, the chainsaw reduces its emissions and fuel consumption while increasing the performance for better results and efficiency.

  2. Combined choke/stop control: Another feature of the Husqvarna 460 Rancher is the combined choke/Stop control. These features enhance easy starting while reducing the risk of engine flooding. As a result, the chainsaw is a perfect option for one that features a user-friendly and durable, and safe-to-use design.

  3. Ergonomic design: To ensure efficiency when handling the most demanding jobs, you must get a chainsaw that features an ergonomic design, the reason I recommend Husqvarna 460 Rancher chainsaw. The saw features a 24" bar which requires lesser strength to control. Also, it features a lightweight design to enhance easy maneuverability and a padded handle to enhance a comfortable hold for hours.

  4. Centrifugal air cleaning system: To ensure the extended performance of the chainsaw, there is a centrifugal air cleaning system. This system removes dust and debris before the particles reach the air filter. As a result, you can be sure to benefit from reduced air filter cleaning and improved engine life. Adding to that, the chainsaw includes a quick-release air filter. This means that when it is time to change the filter, you can be sure to do that quickly and with less effort.


  • Two WoodlandPRO replacement Chains makes it easy to maintain the chainsaw in the long run.
  • The chainsaw doesn’t consume a lot of fuel
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable construction
  • Chain brake and front hand guard enhance safety


  • Quite heavy

Black and Decker LCS1240 Chainsaw

All of us have different definitions for the perfect chainsaw for milling. If yours is something like a saw that is designed to help you prune branches and cut fallen limbs without much effort, I am glad to recommend the BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw.

The saw derives its power from a 40V MAX* 2.0Ah Battery which provides for over 60, 4 x 4 pine lumbar cuts after a single charge. Because of this, the saw is a perfect choice to a reliable chainsaw that eliminates the need for frequent charging so that you can complete the tasks ahead of you.

Here are its features:

  1. 12" premium bar and chain: The LCS1240 features a 12" Oregon bar and chain. These features work together enabling you to benefit from smooth cuts within a short time. Adding to that, the Oregon bar adopts a low kick-back design. Because of this, you can expect to use the saw with an assurance of fewer kickback accidents.

  2. Automatic oiling system: Aimed at letting you get a great and desirable user experience, the BLACK+DECKER incorporates an automated oiling system in the LCS1240 chainsaw. This design allows the machine to deliver constant bar and chain lubrication which means that you don't have to oil them manually.

  3. Full-wrap around handle: Want to benefit from comfort and control when using a chainsaw? Well, the Black+Decker has you covered. The saw features a handle that wraps around your hand which means that you can concentrate on the milling projects rather than the debris that hits your hand when tackling the projects.

  4. Lightweight: You do not want to deal with a heavy chainsaw, having in mind that you will have to hold it by hand when tackling the projects. That said, you will do yourself a favor once you get the BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 chainsaw. The saw features a lightweight design making it easy to use and maneuver.


  • An LED on the charger delivers a flashing green light when charging and a constant green light after a full charge which makes it easy for the user to know about the charging status.
  • Cordless design of the chainsaw ensures unlimited maneuverability.
  • Lithium ion battery delivers a long runtime.
  • The saw comes with a charger that charges a drained battery within 4 to five hours.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning ensures fast and easy chain adjustments.


  • The chainsaw leaks some oil when tilted.
  • Battery doesn’t last long to let a user handle projects that consume a lot of time.

Echo Chainsaw CS-800P with 27" Bar

If you are on the market for a chainsaw that is a perfect combination of power and reliability, then you have the Echo Chainsaw CS-800P with 27" Bar for your taking. Designed to tackle the toughest milling jobs that life throws at you, the chainsaw derives its power from an 80.7 cc high performance, 2-stroke engine. As a result, you can expect outstanding performance when using it without much effort needed from you.

Here are its features:

  1. High-performance cutting system: The fact that you are looking for the best chainsaw for milling trigger two things in my mind; that you want a high-performing machine and one that is designed for low maintenance in the long run. If this is the case, this is a good point to start.

The Echo CS-800P 27" Chainsaw features an upgraded bar and aggressive chain. Because of this, the saw delivers improved cutting performance which means achieving professional results without a lot of effort. Adding to that, the saw features an automatic adjustable oiler. The oiler features a manual over-ride for reduced oil consumption to assure you of the best value for money.

  2. Anti-vibration system: Have you been avoiding gas models when buying a chainsaw due to the discomfort associated with low-quality models? Well, the Echo Chainsaw takes into account that you need a quiet performance and peace of mind while handling your projects, the reason there is an anti-vibration system. This system helps to reduce vibration so that you can maintain the comfort of your arm while milling.

  3. Aluminum handle: Another plus of the Echo Chainsaw is its aluminum handle. The handle features a rubber over-mold which means that you can adapt the saw for projects that consume a lot of time with an assurance of comfort.

  4. Replaceable bumper spikes: Nothing is built to last. Even the spikes on the saw can wear out over time, but you don't have to replace the entire machine because of this. The reason behind this is the bumper spikes that features a replaceable design so that you can replace them when the need arrives to enhance improved control for easier cutting.


  • Tool-less air filter cover enhances easy access to the air filter
  • Sturdy and reasonably-priced
  • Pre-assembled design


  • The packaging needs some improvement

Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

Are you looking for a chainsaw that is designed to deliver the performance of a gas chainsaw? Or, do you want to make your life easier by using a cordless rather than a corded chainsaw? Either way, the Greenworks cordless chainsaw is a perfect option. Designed as a gas comparable alternative that derives its power from a Li-ion battery, you can rest assured to benefit from a high-performance without the hassle of mixing gas and oil and the mess/fumes of gas-powered models.

Here are its features:

  1. Brushless motor: The Greenworks cordless chainsaw features a brushless motor. The motor delivers up to 30% more power to enhance better cutting performance. Also, it helps to reduce wear and tear enabling it to offer 80% longer life. Plus, it results in 70% less vibration than gas-powered chainsaws assuring you of comfort while working.

  2. Safe: Another advantage of the Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw is its safe design. It features a low-kickback chain and a chain brake. These features work together, where the electronic chain brake prevents from accidental kickback to guarantee the user's safety.

  3. Easy to use: Whether you are a veteran or beginner in using a chain saw, you will find peace once you opt to use this chainsaw. The saw helps you to get started within seconds without the hassle of mixing oil and gas or pulling cords. As a result, you can get the chainsaw as a perfect choice for users of all experiences.

Adding to that, the saw includes metal bucking spikes, a heavy-duty Oregan bar and chain, an automatic oiler, and 0.375 chain pitch. These features further provide high performance while helping you to work quickly and efficiently.

  4. G-MAX 40V Li-Ion system: The Greenworks cordless chainsaw derives its power from a G-MAX 40V 4ah Li-Ion Battery. The battery comes with the tool which means that you can get started for the next milling activity as soon as you receive the chainsaw. To enhance convenience and versatility, the battery can power more than 25 tools while it delivers a longer run time to guarantee great user experience.


  • Cordless design enhances easy maneuverability
  • Easy to use and start
  • No fuel or maintenance is required
  • Batteries charge quickly
  • Automatic oiling system


  • Chainsaw leaks the oil out if you happen to store it with it.

Remington RM4214

At the edge of our review, we have the Remington Electric Chainsaw Designed to cut saplings and small limbs, the saw offers a rugged construction and features a lot of user-friendly features making it easy to use. Adding to that, it comes while fully assembled. As a result, you can expect it to slice down those limbs as soon as you get it out of the box and plug it to a power outlet.

Here are its features:

  1. Lightweight: Suited to fit your trimming needs, the chainsaw features a lightweight design at just over six pounds. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver so that you can cut branches with less fatigue.

  2. Powerful design: The Remington Chainsaw features an 8-amp electric motor. This motor can deliver the power that is needed to cut through branches and saplings. Because of this, you can expect the chainsaw to help you deliver professional results within a short time.

  3. Easy to use: To enhance ease of use, the chainsaw features a user-friendly design. Specifically, it doesn't require you to mix gas and oil like the gas chainsaws. Also, the saw includes a push button oiler. This feature requires you to push a button so that you can dispense the right amount of oil to lubricate it without any mess.

Adding to that, the saw includes metal bucking spikes, a heavy-duty Oregan bar and chain, an automatic oiler, and 0.375 chain pitch. These features further provide high performance while helping you to work quickly and efficiently.

  4. Tension adjuster: Another advantage of the Remington Chainsaw is its tension adjuster. The feature enhances reliable chain tension adjustment which allows you to switch to different trimming tasks with a lot of ease.

  5. Hand-guard: Taking into account that you do not want to lower your performance because of the disturbance of flying debris, Remington found it necessary to include a wraparound hand guard. This guard keeps your hands away from debris so that you can maintain your performance when handling tasks that need seriousness and concentration.


  • Easy to start
  • Strong 14” bar and chain helps you tackle residential limbing and arbor maintenance tasks
  • Powerful and lightweight
  • Chainsaw operates quietly


  • Corded design limits maneuverability

How to Choose The Best Chainsaw For Milling?

So, what are the factors to consider when selecting a chainsaw so that you can pick the best model on the market?

Let's have a look.

Tool-less chain adjustment:

You might be required to change the tension of the cutting chain as you switch from one task to another. Hence, pick a chainsaw that offers a tool-less chain adjustment to enhance fast and easy tension adjustments.

Air cleaning feature:

Want to ensure that you get the best value for money? Well, get a chainsaw that includes this feature. An air-cleaning system helps to remove large pieces of debris before they can reach the filter. In return, this helps to extend the air filter's life and the engine's life.

Anti-vibration feature:

If you want to benefit from comfort by reducing the amount of vibration reaching your hand, then you must get a saw that includes this feature. The anti-vibration design means lesser vibration which makes the saw comfortable while reducing fatigue.

Automatic Oiler:

Another feature that makes the best chainsaw for milling is an automatic oiler. The oiler helps to lubricate the chain as you cut which means that you do not need to do that manually. In return, this design helps you benefit from safe and efficient cutting.

Spring-assist starting:

If you want to buy a gasoline-powered chainsaw, this is a crucial point to consider. In this case, get a model that features a spring-assist starting to help reduce the amount of force required to start the saw.


There you have it, the best chainsaws for milling in 2019. Before picking the reviewed products, I recommend that you consider the included buyers guide and tie it up to the features that these saws offer so that you can get a saw designed to help you meet your goals with little effort.

As I conclude, I would like to recommend the Husqvarna 460 Rancher chainsaw for anyone looking for a powerful saw that will help you handle demanding tasks. Its powerful engine and ergonomic design allows you to handle challenging tasks fast and will less fatigue. In addition, the air cleaning system assures you of extending the engine's life for the best value for money.

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