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Carving Chainsaw

If you want to carry out sophisticated and fine work on wood carving, you need the right tools. Chainsaw, no doubt, is one of them. Chainsaw carving is regarded as the most incredible and spectacular art of the modern era. Today, numerous chainsaw carvers have produced the superb wood scriptures using the chainsaw. This is great!

However, choosing the best model can be a bit hectic to most people. Before you spend some dollars it advisable to consider some factors, pay attention to the size. Choose a smaller and lighter chainsaw that will be easier to maneuver. Heavy chainsaw will make your hands and arms to tire.

Also, check the length of the saw. In the market, chainsaws come with different length saws. A larger saw is vital when you want to remove large chunks while smaller saws are the perfect toll for detailing. Additionally, consider the sharpness of the chainsaw. Blunt chain may impede the final design as compared to the sharp one. Through extensive research and analysis, we have prepared the best carving chainsaw.

What is a Carving Chainsaw?

A carving chainsaw is the form of art that usually combines an ancient art of woodcarving and the modern technology of chainsaw. This art is exhilarating and elaborate. Chainsaw carvers have seen to produce the most decorated and beautiful wood carving. They use the chainsaw together with other tools to sustain their living. This shows the importance of this tool in chainsaw sculpture.

Top 5 Carving Chainsaw Reviews

DEWALT DCCS620B 20V Cordless Chainsaw

The DCCS620B adds versatility to your cordless system and can handle tough jobs. From quality to efficiency DEWALT DCCS620B is one of the best models in the best chainsaw for carving. It rarely disappoints and frustrates the carvers. With it, you don't have to worry about it. In fact, it will satisfy and meet all your carving needs. 

Here Are The Features Associated With it:

  1. Efficient Brushless Motor: Now you’ve got it. The battery-powered chainsaw is not new to carvers. It has the   brushless motor that contributes much to its efficiency. This means that the motor is able to maximize run time as well as motor life. This makes the machine to work perfect and produce outstanding work.

  2. Compact, lightweight design: This chainsaw is just 8.8 lbs. This makes it among the lightest weight model     you can buy. This weight is vital in ensuring maximum user control. Moreover, it a good choice for taking care of small trees and also branches that are hanging on the way.

  3. Low kick back 12-inch Oregon Chain and Bar: This is another unique and outstanding feature. Mostly, it is for outdoor and construction cutting applications. Kick back is not a big problem for carvers with DEWALT compact cordless chainsaw. When you have tough outdoor and construction jobs, this product will handle it easily. Whether you're cutting beams or doing demolition work, it will be your solution.

  4. Chain speed: DEWALT DCCS620B is a solid, powerful chainsaw that will impress you. You can't miss seeing its working capabilities. Its chain speed is 25.2 ft/s. This makes it an ideal tool for wood carving. You can cut any piece of wood quickly without using more effort.


  • Quiet operation: The chainsaw is amazingly quiet with no or little noise hence healthy environment
  • The chain is light in weight: This makes it portable and keeps your hands and arms safe with no anxiety.
  • Low kickback bar: You will have no problem when dealing with kickback thus easy operation.
  • Tool-free tension adjustment: This helps the carver to adjust the tension exerted on the chain.
  • Efficiency: Due to an efficient brush-less motor, the chainsaw has an ability to maximize run time as well as motor life.


  • Oil cap is too tight to open
  • The chainsaw may have a problem of leaking at times that is dangerous.

Husqvarna 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

Being one of the finest, powerful and great gas-powered chainsaws, Husqvarna 460 Rancher can meet your needs. You should take this chance and use it for carving. Whether you are dealing with mahogany or oak carving wood, let this chainsaw work for you. Let's see its unique features:

Let's see its unique features:

  1. Adjustable oil pump: You can easily adjust the oil pump. This will allow you to manipulate and control the oil supply depending on weather conditions and application. If you want the oil to flow slowly when dealing with softwood carving, then the pump is okay. Also, on hardwood carving, you must increase the flow of oil.

  2. X-TORQ: This chainsaw machine is able to deliver lower fuel consumption. Also, this feature helps to reduce exhaust emission quantities in accordance with rules and environmental regulations. Note that it is essential to protect our environment. With this, our ecosystem will not be harmed.

  3. Air injection:  Meet all your projects with Husqvarna. It has a centrifugal cleaning system that contributes to removing larger debris and dust particles before reaching an air filter. With this, you only need to perform less maintenance. All in all, this will reduce the cost of repairing the chainsaw. It could be the most significant feature you like.

  4. Smart Start:  Both the starter and the engine have been designed technologically. It ensures the machine starts faster with minimum efforts. Indeed, this keeps you working all hours without your hands numbing or your hands tingling. As compared to others, this Husqvarna is a beast. Despite its high value and a bit expensive, the machine will offer you maximum benefits. You can use it for carving.

  5. Quick-release air filter:  Here comes another encouraging feature. If you want to facilitate and enjoy cleaning a chainsaw, then you must select and start Husqvarna this time. The quick-release air filter will make cleaning easier for you. You can also replace the air filter without causing a problem.


  • The chainsaw is able to consume lower fuels thus easy to maintain.
  • Quiet, cordless operation
  • Easy to start and operate.
  • It’s powerful and solid. Dealing with hardwoods carving is easy.
  • The air cleaning system is superb


  • Faulty oil in some situations
  • Expensive

BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V Max Lithium-Ion Chainsaw

You will get the best out of this cordless chainsaw. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 chainsaw is bit smaller as compared to most chainsaws. However, when it comes to carving, you will perform to the greatest heights. For smaller carvings, this model will ensure the quality work. However,

It comes with numerous features:

  1. 20V MAX lithium battery: It comes with a lithium-ion battery that is powerful than you can imagine. This means that it’s battery-powered, hence it doesn’t require the carver to keep oil and gas on hand. It could be the best especially when you’re cutting branches and trimming trees. With it, you’ll rarely get stress.

  2. Lightweight: As seen, the chainsaw is smaller than other models. What do you expect from BLACK+DECKER LCS1020? Of course, its portability. You can keep on working for long hours without feeling tiresome. Because it is made of plastic and metal, the machine is well-balanced. A 100 percent guaranteed that you’ll love it.

  3. Low kickback bar/chain: This provides fast and smooth cuts. Every carver works hard to get the job done. This is where the advantage of low kickback and chain comes in. Also, it improves the ease of use. Operating it doesn't need more energy. Just make sure the chainsaw's oil reservoir is filled.

  4. Tool-free blade: BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 comes with a tension system that is tool-free blade which is simple to adjust. Because of this, you can manipulate the chainsaw depending on the amount of work. Furthermore, you adjust the blade when dealing with either hardwoods or softwoods.

  5. Wrap around bale handle:  This handle provides increased comfort and control. When you are around the chainsaw, you feel safe. This makes you to ease maneuverability. Most importantly, it contributes to reduced fatigue to the user.


  • Portable and Lightweight: This an ideal and will suit the carvers who like working for long hours.
  • Quiet operation: Helps in keeping our environment healthy.
  • Has a tool-free tension adjustment: This makes it simple to control its working.
  • Easy to use and operate and handle.
  • Affordable: Quite cheap than other chainsaws


  • Automatic oiler may bring faulty at times, and this is dangerous
  • Short battery charge

Worx 16-Inch 14.5 Amp Electric Chainsaw

The Worx 16-Inch is a best electric chainsaw for carving that comes with a variety of features. This makes the model great. Not only that but it also makes your carving activities to run smoothly. Whether you're cutting branches, trimming tree limbs, cutting firewood or carving beautiful pieces of art, the model will impress you. Most of its parts work well. 

Let's look at its numerous features:

  1. Robust & lightweight design: This lightweight and robust power toll is well-suited for first-time users. Also, lumberjacks who want to knock easy and quick jobs around your farm can enjoy it. Because of its weight, it is perfect for cutting firewood, trimming trees and clearing bushes. With it, no more fatigue.

  2. Build in safety: Worx 16-Inch chainsaw is equipped with the built-in chain brake. This is an added safety to the user. It's specially engineered and designed to protect you whenever there is a kickback. Whenever there is an improper contact, it stops the chain in seconds. Any wood chainsaw carving activity will eventually turn out to be excellent.

  3. Automatic oil lubrication: The automatic oiler performs well. It requires thin oil so that it can lubricate too much. At times, thicker oil takes longer to lubricate the chainsaw. This increases its efficiency and flexibility when handling it when working. The oil reservoir has a window-level indicator, and an oil tank volume is 200ml. Let the tank be filled and you will do great.

  4. 14.5 Amperes motor output: This is a phenomenon. The motor output delivers the best cutting performance that is similar to gas chainsaws. In recent years, this has been vital for farmers, ranchers, and homeowners who use chainsaws. In addition, it increases its chain speed to 12m/s.


  • It comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Requires low maintenance: You'll quickly perform the tasks. I appreciate its automatic feature that provides constant lubrication.
  • Built-in safety: This is contributed by a built-in chain brake that protects against kickback cases.
  • It’s quite easy and simple to use it because its weight is balanced.
  • Lightweight: This enhances long working hours with no fatigue.


  • Automatic oiler adapts only thin oil
  • If not balanced, it can be dangerous

MAKITA XCU02PT Chainsaw Kit

There is no other finest chainsaw than MAKITA XCU02PT. Since its emergence, it has been extremely beneficial to farmers, homeowners, and carvers. Some people who have produced best carving art as seen on the internet use this model. There is no doubt that its working reputation is something to be appreciated. 

Here are its features:

  1. Low noise level: This is what most users like about it. It produces low noise during the operation. You don’t expect to get this kind of an advantage in many chainsaws. To the environment, there is no interference and disturbance of noisy gimmicks.

  2. Chain speed (1,650 FPM): Makita-built motor contributes to the chain speed. With it, the cutting speed will be enhanced making the user to perform the task as quickly as possible. It doesn't matter the category of the wood for carving. Whether hard or soft, it will get the job done. The speed also makes it to use less power but beautiful performances.

  3. Tool-free tensioning adjustment: You've heard of this? It means that you can control the chainsaw where necessary. Makita is a kind of model that has proven its worth. Cuts and light are amazing! Besides this, the feature brings comfort to the chainsaw carvers who are ready to arsenal their art.

  4. Two 18V-Lithium-ion batteries: Don't be surprised that these two batteries can deliver enough power. The results will be high performances because of 18V LXT platform involvement. In fact, the batteries accomplish the power at once without any hesitation. Let Makita make your wood carving job easier.


  • Batteries charge quickly: It is magnificent the 2-lithium-ion batteries charges quickly hence able to meet your needs.
  • Convenient: In terms of maintenance and operation, this brand is more beneficial due to the "tool-less" chain adjustment.
  • Less noisy: You will have no issues when it comes to environmental health.
  • Wonderful battery operated saw. This applicable when you want to trim small trees and branches.
  • Cuts very well and lightweight.


  • A bit heavier as compared to most cordless
  • May leak oil

Final Verdict

All the above best carving chainsaws will work great for your art and carving needs. However, few brands that work superbly than others. Most of them are relatively lightweight and affordable. Not all of them can guarantee you the same working speed. The chainsaw that tops the others is MAKITA XCU02PT CHAIN SAW KIT. This great and battery-powered model outsmarts the others because of its unique cordless properties. Has two 18 voltage batteries, cuts faster, less noisy and easy to maintain. I recommend it with no doubt.

Best Chainsaw Oil is the most important things for chainsaw. Of course you have to learn about it. 

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